Dave Hebeda Akorn

The phrase “time is money” might sound cheesy, but it’s true. That’s something Dave Hebeda learned a long time ago and it’s why he decided to take it upon himself to learn proper time management skills.

Between working as the Corporate Controller for Vein Clinics of America, being there for his family, and enjoying his hobbies, Dave Hebeda is someone who definitely needed time management in his life, and taking the time to learn time-management techniques helped him have a successful career and raise a beautiful family.

Dave Hebeda’s time management is so good that he even finds time to spend doing some of his favorite things such as play guitar, fish for Muskie and play poker. Dave Hebeda also enjoys spending as much time with his children as possible, which is just another one of the many things his time management helps him accomplish.

So do you want to know the secret to how Dave Hebeda balances his busy lifestyle? Follow these time-management tips:

Manage Workload: Don’t bite off more than you can chew when it comes to how many tasks you put on your plate. It’s OK to say “no” sometimes, especially if you’re already swamped with too many things on your to-do list. Know your limits and keep your workload manageable.

Minimize Distractions: There’s a lot in life that can distract us from work. Television, radio, internet, non-work-related phone calls—it all leads to being sidetracked from work. When it comes time to get stuff done, go somewhere that you know will have minimal distractions and try not to get sucked into all the media that surrounds you. Staying focused on the task at hand is the best way to get something done quickly.

Start a Routine: If you have certain tasks or responsibilities that you have to do each day, make a habit of them and get in a regular routine. Doing so should help you complete these tasks faster and faster while also keeping you disciplined.

Make the Most of Your Weekend: Sleep is important, but don’t just sleep your weekend away. Maximize your free time by making plans to do things you enjoy and don’t get to do during the work week. But also, if you’re a little behind on work and you have some free time, don’t be afraid to dedicate some time getting caught up. You’ll thank yourself come Monday.